Salibra®: helps to restore gut health and supports healthy aging

Supporting overall health and well-being is what matters to us at Prochin. We do so through our wide range of specialty dairy, natural and omega-3 based health food ingredients. Looking for extra support for general health and well-being? The gut is the main nutrient absorption site and Salibra® helps to restore gut health while being a source of high protein for active consumers and to support healthy ageing. As an anti-bacterial, antiviral component, lactoferrin and immunoglobin help to defending the body’s immune function.

One of the products that is central in enhancing health and well-being is the Salibra® series. This concentrated whey protein, supports the intestinal immune health and healthy aging. In consideration of different characteristics of application performance, we have Salibra700, Salibra 702 and Salibra1000.

Salibra® series products are produced using selective transfer membrane system, which concentrates whey components targeted at enhancing health and well-being. Salibra ® contains bioactive components such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulin, which can enhance your immune system. Also, the included glycomacropeptide, a type of prebiotics, actively contribute to intestinal immunity. Overall, Salibra® has a high protein content with natural bioactive components from milk which take synthetic actions towards immune system, offer eternal immunity enhancement for your family, to support active consumers and healthy aging.

Salibra® is the ideal ingredient in ready-to-mix powder, yogurts, smoothies and other functional foods and makes it easy to consume, for infants and children as well as adults.

  • Shanghai Prochin is an official partner of Glanbia [1].
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