As a dedicated nutrition group, we have combined our roots in dairy ingredients trading and omega-3 oils, in both China and Europe, with our strong track-record and expertise in logistics and distribution. We are connected through strong partnerships globally, for product categories where we can build a strong market position for every day in life.

Today our health and nutrition orientated portfolio covers a broad scope of products and services. For twenty year, we source, market and distribute nutritional ingredients, including specialty dairy ingredients and dairy products, EPA/DHA omega-3 oil ingredients. We are experts in manufacturing and refining EPA/DHA omega-3 solutions. We represent and market branded consumer products. Everything we do is dedicated to high-quality nutritional solutions and products, supporting and enhancing the quality of life.

About the Alliance Nutrition Group

An international nutrition group, rooted in China and the Netherlands

At Alliance Nutrition Group, we believe health is the new wealth. Since our founding in 1996, we dedicate ourselves to improving health through innovative nutritious ingredients and products. We accomplish this through our global network of trusted partners and suppliers.
We are ambitious to extend our strong market position within high-growing ingredients and products categories while contributing to the quality of every day in life. Driven by our unique cultural blend, we are successful in:

  • Sourcing, trading, distribution and sales and marketing of nutritious ingredients, including (specialty) dairy, natural, and omega-3 ingredients and nutritional products;
  • High-end refining and manufacturing of EPA and DHA Omega-3 oils, as the only European managed Omega-3 production facility in China.
  • Food logistics in China. We import, warehouse and distribute to wholesale and end-consumers.
  • Own and third-party branded consumer goods in nutrition, food and pharma, sold through e-commerce.

Our Purpose & Values

Building strong partnerships based on trust is the key to our success. We believe that having a common purpose drives us to excel in what we do.

Our mission, vision and purpose unite our people through a framework of values that show all our stakeholders how we do business.

Why Choose Us

Our deep understanding and experience in Western and Chinese markets is unique. By offering healthy and nutritional food solutions through a dedicated product portfolio in combination with modular end-to-end solutions, we meet the demands for both our customers and consumers worldwide.





Supply Chain


A leading distributor, trader and marketer of nutritional ingredients

Prochin plays a leading role in the Chinese nutrition market, dedicated to sourcing, trading and marketing of health food ingredients. We specialize in speciality dairy ingredients and dairy products, natural and omega-3 ingredients.
We utilize our expertise in distribution and logistics to deliver high-quality products while building long-lasting partnerships.

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Novosana - Nutrition Pills


Specialist in manufacturing and science in omega-3 EPA/DHA oils

Novosana is the expert refiner and manufacturer of EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acid solutions for food and feed markets globally. At our state-of-the-art production facility in Taicang (China), opened in 2012, we produce high-quality natural Omega-3 fish and algae oils for food and feed solutions.

Alliance Nutrition Food & Pharma

Branded consumer goods in nutrition, food and pharma

Enhancing quality of life and improving performance through nutritious food products. At Alliance Nutrition Food Pharma, we combine our expertise in the Chinese and international market with the know-how of nutritional food ingredients.

Our Alliance e-commerce team assists branded health and nutritional consumer products to enter the on-line and off-line market space for China-based and worldwide consumers.

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Our Alliances

We value the strong, long-standing relationships we build and the alliances we have made since our founding. These are some of the organizations, brands and suppliers that have become entrusted partners of our group.

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