As a dedicated nutrition group, we have combined our roots in dairy ingredients trading and omega-3 oils, in both China and Europe, with our strong track-record and expertise in logistics and distribution. We are connected through strong partnerships globally, for product categories where we can build a substantial market position for every day in life.

Today our health and nutrition orientated portfolio covers a broad scope. This includes trading in speciality dairy ingredients and dairy products, EPA/DHA omega-3 fish-oil and algae oil ingredients, manufacturing and refining of EPA/DHAomega-3 oils, and brand consumer products. Everything we do is dedicated to high-quality nutritional products and ingredients, supporting and enhancing the quality of life. 

About the Alliance Nutrition Group

An international nutrition group, with strong roots in China and the Netherlands.

At Alliance Nutrition Group we believe health is the new wealth. Since our founding in 1996, we are dedicated to improving health from our global network of trusted suppliers. We are ambitious to extend our substantial market position within high-growing ingredients and products categories while contributing to the quality of every day in life.

Driven by a successful cultural blend, rooted in China and the Netherlands, our range of activities includes:

  • Trading in nutritional ingredients.
  • High-end refinery for EPA and DHA Omega-3 oils for food and feed markets.
  • Food logistics in China. We import, warehouse and distribute to whole-sale and end-consumers.
  • Building our own and third party branded consumer goods in nutrition, food and pharma. These are sold through e-commerce.

Our Values

Building strong partnerships based on trust is the key to our success. We believe that having a common purpose drives us to excel in what we do.  Our mission, vision and purpose unite our people through a framework of values that show all our stakeholders how we do business.

Why Choose Us

By offering healthy nutritional solutions through a broad product portfolio, Alliance Nutrition Group matches the fast-changing market trends and meets demands for both our customers and consumers world-wide. We create tailor-made solutions while adding value for all parties, whether we act as a facilitator or take own positions.

Our deep understanding and experience in Western and Chinese markets is unique. Our modular end-to-end solutions integrate everything you need to become successful in China:


Our logistics team has a strong track record: from the import of appr. 300 containers per month to expertise in customs and warehousing solutions. We have the licenses and certifications needed to become your trading and distribution partner.


With nationwide warehousing and distribution solutions, including express services and last-mile delivery (YouSu), we are able to scale through our well-integrated bi-lingual ERP and logistics system (WangDianTong), allowing us to process 10,000 orders a day.


Our e-commerce sales team is your partner for JD, Tmall, Wechat, and off-line sales. Our team will assist from entering the market, to setting up and running e-commerce stores and navigating in the Chinese E-commerce landscape. Together with our Alliance Consumer Team we find the right solution for your brand and product.


Other services we can offer necessary documentation, regulations and insurances, tailored to each customers’ needs and requirements; operations such as reporting and governance. Our team is well-connected and informed of the latest import regulations, product registration and transportation requirements.

ProchinLeading Trader and Distributor of Dairy and Specialty Dairy Ingredients Prochin is a key player in the Chinese nutrition market dedicated to trading dairy and specialty dairy ingredients, and the distribution and logistics expert of high quality dairy products. We are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships. Through expanding our position in the high growth, value
NovosanaSpecialist in Manufacturing and Science of Omega-3 EPA/DHA lipids for Food and Feed Markets Novosana is the expert refiner, manufacturer and trader of Omega-3 fatty acid solutions for food and feed markets globally. At our state-of-the-art production facility in Taicang (China), opened in 2012, we produce high-quality natural Omega-3 lipids for food and feed solutions.
Consumer Health
Consumer HealthEnhancing quality of life and improving performance At Alliance Nutrition Food Pharma, we combine our expertise in the Chinese and international market with knowhow of nutritional foods. Our Alliance e-commerce team is dedicated to branded health and nutritional consumer products for our China-based and worldwide consumers. Behavioral health Earaches of infections Broken bones Minor

Our Alliances

We value the strong, long-standing relationships we build and the alliances we have made since our founding. These are some of the organizations, brands and suppliers that have become entrusted partners of our group.