• Trading & Distribution

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    At Prochin we specialize in trading, distribution and logistics of dairy products and specialty dairy ingredients for the Chinese market, dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships.
  • Manufacturing

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    Novosana is the specialist in manufacturing and science of Omega-3 fatty acid solutions for food and feed markets, with our own state-of-the-art production facility China.
  • Consumer Health

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    We leverage our expertise in the Chinese and international market with our end-to-end infrastructure towards branded consumer products in nutritional, food and pharma product categories.
    Alliance Consumer Health

Alliance Nutrition Group

We add value to health
and to business

Alliance Nutrition Group is an international nutrition group, with strong roots in China and the Netherlands. Ever since our founding in 1996 we have played a key-role in the Chinese (specialty) dairy and international omega-3 food and feed markets.


Our client track record in China and Europe is built on trusted and selected partnerships with leading international ingredient suppliers in both the global consumption and feed nutrition markets.


Our scope of activities is end-to-end and includes trading and supplying nutritional ingredients; a high-end natural fish-oil refinery; logistics (including import, warehousing and distribution); and e-commerce for branded consumer goods. We are ambitious to extend our substantial market position and contribute to the quality of every day in life.

Since our founding in 1996, we have specialized in the Chinese market and dedicated ourselves become the expert in health and nutritional food product categories where we can build a substantial market position.

An international nutrition group with roots in the Dutch and Chinese business culture

Health is Wealth: We aim to unify our strengths to improve the quality of life and to contribute to a healthier world through best in class food ingredients and consumer health, food and pharma products.

  • We use transparent communication to ensure our partners can efficiently follow the fast-changing market.
  • Uniting our strong track record in the international food and ingredients market with our extensive network and experienced and knowledgeable team, allows us to offer our partners tailor-made turn-key solutions in the Chinese market.
  • Our long-stranding trading roots, originating in China and the Netherlands, are the foundation for the long-lasting, trusted relationships we build with all our stakeholders.







Latest News

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Care for your loved ones: Probiotics can contribute to a stronger immune system

You can also support your gut by taking probiotics in tablets, capsules and powders that contain the bacteria in dried form. There are different types of probiotic products available. The most important difference is how many different bacteria each product contains.

We wish you a successful and healthy 2020

We want to wish all our partners, stakeholders and clients a healthy &successful 2020 and wealth & prosperity for the Lunar New Year. We look forward to starting the year with you!

OmniActive continues expansion into key Asian Markets

OmniActive Health Technologies is proud to announce that they have entered into an exclusive distribution partnership in China with Shanghai Prochin.

Our vision is to be a focused and dedicated nutrition group, playing in the Chinese market and beyond, in nutritional food product categories where we can build a substantial market position.

Jan-Willem Ypma - CEO - Alliance Nutrition Group

We are an international nutrition group with over 20 years of experience. Our roots in the Dutch and Chinese Business culture make us an expert in distribution, logistics and production of specialty dairy and natural oil ingredients and branded consumer goods for Chinese and international markets.

Jordan Yang - CCO - Alliance Nutrition Group

We work in an ever-changing industry. It is interesting to see the developments of health products and nutrition ingredients. Our company is always developing. Through my job I have several responsibilities and roles, it is a very comfortable company to work for. I hope I can thrive here.

Product Manager - Alliance Nutrition Group